Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Behind the masks..... :)

I'm sorry not to have been posting very frequently, but I'm a bit  busy with commisions at the moment.  I thought I'd share a little look behind the scenes at some of the other pieces I'm working on though...... those leafy moths etc that I mentioned :) I'm very happy with  how things are going with them, even though I've not been able to spend a great deal of time working on them recently.

I'm sorry that my desk is not the most exciting space in the world, but as my work area is fairly small I have to force myself to be much tidier than I used to be and keep it fairly clear ... although I'm usually  more a fan of organised chaos :))

So here are the masks unmasked ..


  1. Mmmmmm.... Mistress Anonymous.... now I think I know who that is ;)
    Lovely to see you over here Anna :)))

  2. Ahh..damn, I checked to show profile, name and even url to my blog :(( I guess I need some more time to figue that blogspot out ;))

  3. at last your desk!! it's very clean!! too clean to be true ... you shouldn't focus that way one don't see the mess around it ;) I'm wondering what are these boxes close to your desk ?

    (I can see you are very busy )

  4. Ok dearest, just for you I will take some special 'my mess' pictures ;) The boxes are where I keep some of my finished pieces (although more of those are in the airing cupboard which has a very useful big shelf :)) Also some pieces waiting to be finished.. oh yes and the little box on top is full of bottles of gesso, varnish and anything else I can't find room for :) Then of course there are the 2 big boxes on the other side... and of course you can't see all the clutter under the desk as well..lol :)) Keep watching then dearest for more revealing piccies ;)

  5. how lovely to see your work in progress, they look wonderful even unfinished. I too have a small workspace & have to keep it tidy or i couldn't think straight. wishing you a delicious christmas x x