Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rêve de Monuments

Wishing my dearest friend Laetitia all the very best with this incredible exhibition that she is part of . Reve de Monuments opens at  the magnificent La Concierge in Paris on the 22nd November and runs till the 24th February 2013. It promises to be a spectacular and very special event :) I've not seen  Laetitia's creation for this exhibition yet but  from what she has told me and the glimpses she has now posted on her blog I know it will be quite extraordinary !!

I'm going to try very hard to get over to see the exhibition and I would recomend anyone else who can to take the opportunity. I think it is going to be wonderful :))


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Making my mark.

When I work on new mask designs I do a lot of sitting and dreaming and a little scribbling in my sketch book. For me these small, doodlings just help to capture a feel of what is in my imaginings, they trap small details that I find can escape me too easily. But they are always fluid, I never try and make what I have drawn and I never try and draw exactly what I hope to make :)  I know what those rather vague little messy marks and  hasty notes are saying and they just lead me a little and nudge me when perhaps I feel a little lost .

 They may not be pretty but they are always the start of something new ;) So these are the scribblings for two of the three new pieces I am beginning.....

Two views of the Crow-Witch.  (the little Briar Rose piece just snuck in, nothing to do with the main mask)

Visions in Blue

And the The Storyteller? Well she is still only in my imagination, but very strong! She will call up images of birds of prey, wild windswept trees, leaves that hold visions and keys to mysteries. She will be all greens and golds mixed with the russets of autumn.

I am enjoying the companionship of these three very much :)