Thursday, 20 May 2010

From Sea to Sky

Well it was rather nice to spend my Tuesday afternoon (18th) doing something a little different from what my job usually requires. I'd volunteered to help out on one of the many organised walks that are part of the annual Isle of Wight Walking Festival. Due to a number of unforseen circumstances I actually ended up leading the walk myself. Rather a new experience for me and a bit nerve-wracking......I mean it would be great if I'd  got everyone lost wouldn't it ;)

Anyway, thankfully it all went well and I really enjoyed myself! Very kind and patient people (who didn't even bat an eyelid when I got wee bit confused with the route ;)  A beautiful day,  perfect walking weather..... and I even got to finally see the wild goats which I've only ever seen from afar before :))

Just a few memories of a lovely afternoon.

Into the woods

The old oak

A view from the hill

Into the valley

Here be goats!

Book I am currently reading:  'A Place of Greater Safety' by Hilary Mantel


  1. beautiful indeed! I am glad your walk went well.

  2. you have some goats on the island??!!!
    would love to do it with you , will you do this the entire summer ? it's a little paradise, you can't complain !

  3. Thank you Tammie Lee :) It was lovely to escape outdoors on such a glorious afternoon :)

  4. Hi dearest :))) Sadly I won't be doing this as much as I'd like to. As you know I'm normally stuck at work during the day.... and then it deciedes to rain at the weekend ;)

    But I do hope to get out as much as I can. To explore more of these peaceful places. And yes, we have wild goats AND a small breed of wild cattle up on the downs!! They help to maintain the hills, keeping down intrusive undergrowth like bracken and stuff that prevents all the flowers that should thrive up there being able to grow.