Saturday, 29 September 2012

'Dancing With Tears in My Eyes' :)

Just got back yesterday afternoon from London. Yes the day had finally arrived after what seemed an age, Ultravox at the Hammersmith Odeon on 27th Sept 2012 :)))

Still trying to get my head together,  my voice back from sooooooo much singing;) I will write up more when I've calmed down a bit, but enough to say for the moment that it was the most incredible Ultravox gig I've been to (and I've done a few ;) ). An extraordinary evening, the guys were on absolutely top form! Two and a half hours of  brilliance and got to meet some really nice people as well :))

I tried to take a few piccies but being rather short it was difficult, lots of backs of peoples heads, although my view in reality was really good. But  just for the memory ;)

More to come.........


  1. you were very very close!! can't wait to know all ; you are really a big big fan , its' so funny to see you so excited :))

  2. I was in the fourth row and got a fantastic view! And you've guessed right I do like them quite a bit ;)) I've just posted my 'review'of the concert, wanted to just get some of those memories down in writing :)xxx