Monday, 22 October 2012

Wrapping myself in words

Books are vital to me, my head is full of them, and being a librarian, my days are full of them as well ;) When I'm working on my masks  I always feel such a strong need to immerse myself in words that follow the paths that my art is travelling down.  I search urgently, dipping into volumes and flitting restlessly from book to book until I find the ones that wrap me tightly in their pages!

As I  begin to pull together all my ideas for my Witches/Poison Garden of masks, all lovingly tended by my Witch/Crow mask (this is just my working title for her at the moment), I'm also gathering books around myself to feed and inspire me on my creative journey.  I've just begun 'John Saturnall's Feast' by Lawrence Norfolk

I'm already hooked, this is a new author for me and I like his writing style very much!

I'm looking forward to delving into 'The Poison Garden' by Sarah Singleton.

'The Poison Diaries & The Poison Diaries: Nightshade' by Maryrose Wood

It doesn't concern me whether books are written for adults, teenagers or children, I just read what I'm drawn to :)

These last two novels were inspired by the very wonderful 'The Poison Diaries' by The Duchess of Northumberland, illustrated by Colin Stimpson , which was in turn inspired by the Duchess's beautiful but deadly Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle.

So just a few to keep me company so far, and I haven't even touched on the non-fiction titles yet,  but a vital part of what helps me in my art :))

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