Monday, 27 May 2013

'Caught for a second by the light'

I'm really pleased with how well the 'Visions in Blue' mask is evolving. She has proved to be very tricky and an extremely demanding piece, as I guessed she might be. I've spent more than one evening just sitting looking at her for ages trying to work my way through one problem or another and ending up with seemingly nothing done. But that is the way of these things when you are creating, a lot of time you can appear to be doing nothing but the imagination is ticking away exploring where the piece is going to take you next. It's an exciting, emotional, frustrating, challenging and ultimately very rewarding journey and I can't imagine not doing it! :))

So, some pictures of how she is coming along. Unfortunately my photographic skills and camera are rather limited and I'm rather disappointed that the subtleties of colour have not really come through. She is looking more Visions in grey but I do promise she most defiantly is blue!

 The 'webbing' that covers the side of her face is showing as a sort of grey/blue when it is actually made up of 4 or 5 different shades of blue. The headdress, this is painted with 2 distinct shades of blue highlighted with a delicate touch of gold. The petals of the roses are also built up with multiply shades but in the photos appear as one flat colour. So I do apologise for that, but  hope that the pictures at least give an idea of how she is looking :)

 Please note the roses are not yet actually attached, and there will be more of them. I just placed them to help give more of an idea of how the finished mask will look :)


  1. even not finished it's already very beautiful, I like the blue lace on the right side of her face and eh flowers which give a nice contrast
    wonder what sort of dress will suit her ... ;)

    So true the most important is not the end but the journey involving all sort of little fights and conquests !

  2. Thank you dearest :)) She has made me work very hard, but I'm so excited with how she is going. Mega busy at work this week, 2 late nights so no chance to get much more done so far. Tomorrow I will be able to go back to her again, and of course you will be able to see her for real soon :))))

    For a dress.... well I only have plans for 'The Storytellers' robe so far, and I think that with my sewing skills that will take quite a while ;) For' Visions' I would love something ghostly and ethereal I think :)

    See you soon! xxx