Thursday, 10 October 2013

"Visions in Blue" part 2

Finally managed to get that photo session done and once again, Chris's beautiful photography has captured the true spirit of  the piece :) Only when worn does a mask truly come to life!

Visions In Blue

"Face in the window in the night


Caught for a second by the light

Ashes of memories still aglow
only for you

Portraits and pictures you once saw

 Visions in blue"

Lyrics from "Visions in Blue" by Ultravox
Photographs: Chris Dean
Mask & Model: Tanith Hicks
Inspiration: Ultravox :)


  1. Beautifully done. Love the moths! And the shots are very serene and graceful.

    1. Thank you !! :) I loved making the moths, I came up with a very different technique to create them than I have when I've made moths before (and I realise they do seem to pop up in my work a lot ;) ) They were so much fun to make I just wanted to keep going. Meant I had planty of spare ones to use for the photo session :)
      I'm so pleased with how the photos came out, Chris did a brilliant job I think.

  2. very beautiful ! and it makes such a big difference, !you're absolutly right!

    1. Thank you dearie :)) I'm so happy to see her finally as she should be. It was one of those rather magical photo sessions where you are really convinced that it is just not going to work and you'll have to give it another go. Then you see the pictures and you love them!! Chris and I were so pleased with the final images, it ended up actually being quite difficult to choose our favourites. So more may appear at a later date :) xxx