Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New beginnings......

Ah.... the first entry! I think that's always the hardest bit of a new blog.  How to set the scene?

Well it's been a long  time now since I had a proper blog, but  now finally  feels like the right moment to jump in again :)  I've spent many  inspiring hours enjoying some really wonderful and creative blogs and I'd like to give a little in return.

I would like this to be little storehouse of memories. Somewhere to record and share the process of creating my masks and explore those things that inspire and delight me. ....I'm looking forward to this :)


  1. I'm very curious to see your upcoming posts, and to discover your masks in progress!!:))
    I'm really happy you 're a part of bloglandia now and the blog looks perfect !

  2. Me too! I can barely wait to see what you will present to us! SO exciting! Love your initial images - industrious bees... such a tease... I'll add you to my list so I can visit often!

  3. Dearest Laetitia, I'm so glad that you are the first to stop by here :))See I was finally persuaded to dip my toe into blogland ;) I know I won't be able to post as often as I want but I think I will enjoy being here!

    Dear Ulla, I'm pleased you found me:) Your blog is one I've enjoyed for such a long time. It's so inspiring and has helped me discover so many other amazing artists as well. I don't always get to create new work as often as I like (I have another full time job as well) but I hope you enjoy what you see :)

    Bees and the Moths are very personal symbols of mine, I'm glad you liked them... now back to being industrious ;)

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment on my faerietale blog x i have had a peep at your masks & they are truly stunning. I should like very much to feature you on the blog, if that is okay with you. Cant wait to see more posts here too *ruthie