Friday, 6 November 2009

Portraits of a Muse.

One of my greatest sources of inspiration is the wondrous Marchesa Casati! My 'Medusa' mask (shown below) was a piece that was for me a tribute to this unique lady. So you can imagine how excited I was when me and Chris got an email from Scot Ryersson and Michael Yaccarino, the authors of 'Infinite Variety', the biography of the Marchesa, saying that they were working on a new book and that they would love to include one of Chris's photos of my 'Medusa mask !

Photograph: Chris Dean
Mask & model: Tanith Hicks

Well 'The Marchesa Casati: Portraits of a Muse' is now out :) We've not actually got to see a copy of it yet .... but one of Chris's photos is supposed to be in it along with a little piece about me and how the Marchesa has influenced my art. Sadly the publishers went for one of the colour shots out of the session we did, whereas we preferred the black and white ones ourselves. But if you get a chance to take a look at it I hope you enjoy it :))

If you want to know more about the Marchesa and about the book then take a look at The Marchesa Casati  :)


  1. How wonderful, such a fantastic complement to your work!! It is a beautiful piece too x x ruthie. ps i am adding your work to faerietale tomorrow x

  2. Such an enchanting blog and very beautiful work...Really stunning!
    I am now following you. Can I add your site to my creative site list?
    Lovely to visit you.
    Jo May.x:)

  3. Dear Joanne :) Thank you so much for your sweet words you are most kind! I'm following you now also.. your work is lovely. I'd be delighted to be added to your creative site list! Thank you :))
    Warmest greetings

  4. Tanith,
    You create such beautiful and soulful work! Amazing. Love the photography too!

  5. Thank you for stopping by :)) I truly appreciate your gracious words... thank you so much. It means alot to know that my work can touch someone so :))
    I know I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful photographer to work with!!
    Best Wishes