Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The wanderings of a pencil :)

I've not really shared any of my sketch books before. Drawing is not my strongest point ...but I'm never without  a pad of plain paper, kept close by to quickly scribble down ideas whenever they come to me. I very rarely work from complete and detailed sketches. I prefer these fragments that capture a feeling, that I can then expand and elaborate on as I create the mask. I enjoy this freedom as it is so organic and fluid.

These are the leafy moth masks that I'm working on at the moment :)

Wintery baroque bats and wolves are demanding my attention as well!

More wanderings waiting to tell me their stories....



  1. love to see your sketches,:)) your wolves masks and bats masks will be wonderful

    how funny! Ive just posted some sketches too!

  2. Tanith, i love your delicate, ethereal sketches. I am always fascinated to see how others work, beautiful designs you have here. I have added to my wish list, to one day go to a faerie ball, complete with mask!! one day x

  3. Hi Tanith,
    I would love one of your fairy masks.
    Either a fox mask or a moth!
    You will have to open an online shop.
    Beautiful work.x

  4. Hi Joanne :)
    Thank you for your kind words. Watch my website (though I'll be letting people know here as well!) I'll be offering the masks I'm making for sale there, as they are completed :))
    Take care x