Friday, 13 November 2009

'Now you see me.......'

Soft sunlight (though sadly days of pouring rain now) golden leaves falling and dusky nights  drawing in. These all start to fill my mind with dreams of moths and endless masquerades :) This season always makes me lose myself a little and  fills me with visions. So one thing drew me to another and I became entranced with moths who always wear their autumn best to dance with the leaves.....

I love these insects in their masquerade costumes . I have found Praying Mantis's and Spiders that look like flowers and dead leaves , butterflies that look like owls, moths that look like hornets and flies that look like wasps... and so much more!  The leaf moths/butterflies fascinate me the most at present  and have given me some wonderful ideas to play with. I have already stated experimenting with textures, colours and materials.

 I'll go back to those autumnal woods now :)


  1. isn't nature amazing, these wee creatures are truly stunning! When i walk in the woods I am always stopping and looking closely, you never know what you might find if you look hard enough & take the time too. Have a fab week. Ruthie x

  2. Nature is truly amazing... It just shows how plants, insects and animals are all closely related. Butterflies and moths looking like leaves... Really incredible. I think cats look like owls. I would love to see a butterfly owl!;)
    I have found your post inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lovely to hear from you both and I'm happy you were as entranced by these beauties as much as I :) They make you realise how many creatures rely on masks and disguises of one sort or another.. not only us ;) Nature will never cease to fill me with wonder and amazement!
    Take care both of you :)

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